Tight Area Logging

Tight Quarter or Tight Area Logging can be a tricky operation, and a very dangerous one if it's not handled by experienced professionals.Often people have marketable trees in their yard or trees that need to be removed for safety reasons, but they can't imagine how we'll be able to drop logs safely in confined places without significant damage to their property. Frankly, we love this challenge. We have met this challenge with thousands of trees and our customers are amazed with the precision that is possible when it comes to the art of dropping big logs out of trees. We also have at our disposal any size crane for zero impact removals (see crane removal page).

Another advantage we have is our rubber tracked compact loader capable of carrying 8,000 pound logs with an overall ground pressure (psi) equivalent of a large adult walking. What that means is we can lift and carry logs and brush across grass and even drain fields without the damage others cause with dragging the same material or driving trucks across sensitive areas. Saving the logs and your property is better for the environment and your bottom line.

Compact Loader

Ranger Tree Service has the trained professionals with the right equipment to safely remove trees form most any property. If you want peace of mind that the job will be done right even in tight quarters, call Ranger Tree Service.

Tight Area Removal Tree Tight Quarters

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