Stability Thinning can improve strength and health of your trees, but needs to be done by experienced professionals.When a storm hits or is predicted to hit, many people worry about a tree in their yard or a nearby tree being blown down. The best time to worry about that however is long before storm season. If at all possible, folks should have their trees assessed by a professional to determine their susceptibility to high winds. Most trees are not in any danger of toppling over as is evidenced by the majority of trees surviving even the most severe storms. Therefore if someone, even a professional, attempts to make you afraid of all your trees, don't be.

Most solutions for helping your trees survive a storm are simple and inexpensive. Moderate thinning of a healthy tree is usually all that is required. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter and usually do not require thinning. However certain types of joints common in leafy trees are inherently weak and should be relieved of weight or removed altogether. Very tall conifers such as our Douglas fir, are the most common tree to fall in a storm. The appropriate way to thin these trees is to relieve the sail at the very top one third of the canopy. That is where the most leverage and whip action occurs. If performed properly this greatly reduces the risk of the tree falling in a severe storm. YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE YOUR TREES TOPPED. Topping trees begins a process that leads to decay, dangerous secondary tops, and abnormal limb overgrowth, creating a much more hazardous situation than a tall healthy tree.

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